My name is Teck Wong

I am a full stack web developer.

I am Teck Wong.member

I am also an enthusiastic individual that is passionate about coding and creating fun web apps that people can enjoy. My more recent works include a social platform, KoreFabrik. At KoreFabrik, we set out to give students the chance to better understand their career paths by consulting the advice of teachers, as well as alumni. During my time there, we employed the use of ReactJS and Redux for the front end, complimented by Postgres on the back end.

Coding's involvement in my life can be traced to when I was younger, and I had began creating basic websites for the many hobbies that I had. Everything that I had made was mainly in HTML, but as technology evolved, I continue to enjoy adopting and learning about them, so that I may put this tech to use.

Aside from being a coder, I am a huge petrolhead. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and the occasional spirited drive when the conditions are right. If you enjoy talking cars and geeking out over new automotive trends, I'm all ears. For as long as I can remember, I have also been an avid video gamer, and continue to be one now. I like to entertain the gaming bug that bites every now and then, whether its playing the latest and greatest, or enjoying classics.

To learn more about me or my professional experience, feel free to download my resume below.

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Teck C. WongFremont, CaliforniaUSA

Phone: (510) 919 - 2192